Happy Thanksgiving: I Am Thankful For You.

Thank you picture

It’s been a long, slow, and hard trip back into writing since I started occasionally pecking away at my keyboard back in 2010. The one thing that has kept me on track is you. Knowing that you come to my site and read my posts, when  I manage to actually get something up, is a guaranteed ray of sunshine.

Those of you who comment or like the posts, well heck, that’s a rainbow!

I am trying to write more these days. I hope you won’t find it too much. I am honored and I am grateful to have you as my readers.

Growing up, Thanksgiving was and continues to be my favorite holiday. It felt like the perfect time to say thank you!

Wishing you all the best,

MultilingualMama xx, who has yet to master the un-strained selfie.


“To This Day” … for the bullied and beautiful

Poetry for me has always been something I like on the page and I’d cringe at the thought of attending a reading. Similar to my preference for books over their subsequent movies, I didn’t want a voice or image imposed. I wanted my interpretation to stand alone.

Poetry, when bad, is well…utterly dire. And having a voice to it is excruciating. But great poetry performed with the passion of the writer can move me to tears. Who knew! This was one such performance.

A Turning Point: Moving Beyond Languages.

I’ve had two blogs and as a result frequently neglected them both when I can’t figure out where I should post something. (Utterly stupid I realize)

So despite my deep love for the look of my Tumblr blog, which I just can’t seem to recreate on WordPress as well as the nifty quote and link options, I am going to put it into hibernation -it pretty much already was in one anyway- and post everything I feel like writing about here for the time being.

For those of you who subscribed only for languages, I apologize in advance. I categorize posts so you can ignore as you see fit. To everyone else, I hope I can amuse you at times or at least help you stave off a little boredom on occasion.

And yes I really welcome any thoughts anyone might have on this if I haven’t already put you to sleep with this navel-gazing post.