Happy Thanksgiving: I Am Thankful For You.

Thank you picture

It’s been a long, slow, and hard trip back into writing since I started occasionally pecking away at my keyboard back in 2010. The one thing that has kept me on track is you. Knowing that you come to my site and read my posts, when  I manage to actually get something up, is a guaranteed ray of sunshine.

Those of you who comment or like the posts, well heck, that’s a rainbow!

I am trying to write more these days. I hope you won’t find it too much. I am honored and I am grateful to have you as my readers.

Growing up, Thanksgiving was and continues to be my favorite holiday. It felt like the perfect time to say thank you!

Wishing you all the best,

MultilingualMama xx, who has yet to master the un-strained selfie.


One thought on “Happy Thanksgiving: I Am Thankful For You.

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