Why Hello There!

Welcome to my new blog. I figured it might be nice to tell you a bit about me.

The Basics:

I am a franco-american mother of two girls. As of Nov ’10, Pacifique is two and a half; She was born in Brooklyn, New York. My second is called Claude – and yes she is a girl. Claude was born September 1st 2010. She is 13 weeks old today. She was born in Singapore where we relocated this past July so some would say¬† I am one of those crazy people who decided to move to other side of planet at 34 weeks pregnant -and after the experience I’d agree with them. The father of these two lovely wee ladies is my Mexican Don Juan – Javier.

Here’s a photo of my two girls, Claude is 24 hours and this was the first meeting with her big Sister Pacifique

Why this blog?

Why not. Everyone else is doing it right? In all seriousness, I really struggled during the first two years figuring out how to handle the multilingual aspects of bringing up a child. I felt there wasn’t a whole not out there, particularly when you are looking at 3+languages. That said, now that I’ve decided to start this blog, I’ve come across lots of great resources -always the way isn’t it? Since I’ve paid for my url and figured out WordPress, I am forging ahead and hope to share what I’ve found and learned with you here. I am also pretty sure that language is going to continue to be a challenge for me now that we live in a country with four official languages: Malay, Tamil, Mandarin & English and with an unofficial fifth – Singlish.

I hope you enjoy this site. Please do feel free to email me with any thoughts, ideas, questions or would like to contribute.

warmly, Cordelia (aka Coco)

Ps. If you have read this, no need to check out About me page unless you would like a true Deja-Vu <grin>