A Turning Point: Moving Beyond Languages.

I’ve had two blogs and as a result frequently neglected them both when I can’t figure out where I should post something. (Utterly stupid I realize)

So despite my deep love for the look of my Tumblr blog, which I just can’t seem to recreate on WordPress as well as the nifty quote and link options, I am going to put it into hibernation -it pretty much already was in one anyway- and post everything I feel like writing about here for the time being.

For those of you who subscribed only for languages, I apologize in advance. I categorize posts so you can ignore as you see fit. To everyone else, I hope I can amuse you at times or at least help you stave off a little boredom on occasion.

And yes I really welcome any thoughts anyone might have on this if I haven’t already put you to sleep with this navel-gazing post.

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