International Woman’s day and my own personal dance party.


Tonight I got a message from a friend suggesting I join her dancing tomorrow evening. I thought: groovy, Friday night out sounds fun; let’s leave the husbands at home.

Then she said you need to practice your steps as we’ve missed the rehearsal. Now I am thinking…ok Theresa, time to ease up on the Chardonnay.

Her next message is a YouTube link: Break the Chain dance tutorial video.

Turns out that in honor of International Woman’s Day, someone here in Bangkok has organized a One Billion Rising flash mob.

I watched the video tutorial a first time and thought: my goodness how many parts are there?! (truthfully, goodness is not the word that came to mind). I remembered seeing one of these viral videos and being really moved by it. I’ve also always secretly longed to be part of some meaningful flash mob though in reality I would have like the MC hammer with glimmer gold poop your pants bottoms like one that took place a number of years ago. This will have to do.

So instead of working on guest blog posts I owe, I’ve spent the evening in my knickers prancing around my bedroom, trying to master pivots and grateful that my Don Juan was out for a business dinner.

It’s sad that I struggled with a very simple step but not nearly as sad as the 35 minutes I spent on the exceedingly simple part one, trying to figure out if I was watching the dance in a mirror image, which leg/arm should I flail next. Why is this sad? Because when I finally made it to part 2, I realized they had dumbed it down saying ‘right’ for viewers when they were moving their left limbs.

Whatever. I am going to rock this flash mob tomorrow night. Dance on sisters!