International Woman’s day and my own personal dance party.


Tonight I got a message from a friend suggesting I join her dancing tomorrow evening. I thought: groovy, Friday night out sounds fun; let’s leave the husbands at home.

Then she said you need to practice your steps as we’ve missed the rehearsal. Now I am thinking…ok Theresa, time to ease up on the Chardonnay.

Her next message is a YouTube link: Break the Chain dance tutorial video.

Turns out that in honor of International Woman’s Day, someone here in Bangkok has organized a One Billion Rising flash mob.

I watched the video tutorial a first time and thought: my goodness how many parts are there?! (truthfully, goodness is not the word that came to mind). I remembered seeing one of these viral videos and being really moved by it. I’ve also always secretly longed to be part of some meaningful flash mob though in reality I would have like the MC hammer with glimmer gold poop your pants bottoms like one that took place a number of years ago. This will have to do.

So instead of working on guest blog posts I owe, I’ve spent the evening in my knickers prancing around my bedroom, trying to master pivots and grateful that my Don Juan was out for a business dinner.

It’s sad that I struggled with a very simple step but not nearly as sad as the 35 minutes I spent on the exceedingly simple part one, trying to figure out if I was watching the dance in a mirror image, which leg/arm should I flail next. Why is this sad? Because when I finally made it to part 2, I realized they had dumbed it down saying ‘right’ for viewers when they were moving their left limbs.

Whatever. I am going to rock this flash mob tomorrow night. Dance on sisters!




3 thoughts on “International Woman’s day and my own personal dance party.

  1. I hope you danced, in spite of the steps…I did too (on March 8th in my city in Germany)and thought OMG I am going to look like a fool, BUT we all did our best or have to try to overcome this initial reluctance. This song and this flashmob has a power to convey the message to RISE against the violence and injustices, like no message before. The people who stand by and watch, take back with them a truly positive impression, it put smiles on their faces and I hope it light some <> in their brains.
    Women AGAINST this or that sounds so negative and exclusive, RISE for is an invitation and affirmative. The song and dance are catchy and inviting, because music and dance transcendent language, culture and gender.

    • I did dance. And we got a very positive response despite having security shut down music before we had finished.

      I like what you said about the message and the positive approach. Thanks very much for your thoughts!

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