Sand & Pancakes

Me: ‘Would you like some honey on your pancakes?’

I knew there was only a tiny bit of maple syrup left and I was hoping to save it for myself. If I am going to consume the calories, I want to really enjoy them, which can only be done with good maple syrup.

P: ‘Non, je veux du sirop de sable.’ [No, I want sand syrup]

I know at this point I am supposed to correct her by using the right word myself as in:

‘D’accord, voici le sirop d’√ČRABLE’ [Sure, here is the maple syrup]

…while poring maple syrup on her pancakes.

But like my father who refused to correct my mother’s ‘frenchisms’, some things are just too cute to correct. I know that just as she learned that she wanted to sit on my lap and not my lacks, she will self-correct. I hope she will forgive me for dragging out the process for my own gratification.