Lara Rose: Links for Family Updates & Blood Needs

Below is a message copied from Facebook Page: Blood Drive for Lara Rose

This is an open group. Anyone can join and share messages of support here. This is where her husband has been posting updates.

Message below from Lara Rose’s husband:

Hello everyone

I felt we owed a few words of thanks to all the people who have supported us since Thursday. Just looking through the list of names in this group is pretty overwhelming. Old friends, new friends, family and total strangers – without your support, kindness, generosity and all round positive vibes we couldn’t have made it through the last couple of days.

The signs are positive for Lara. She’s not out of the woods yet but she is strong of mind and body – thanks in no small part to the messages of support that have been flooding in and that I’ve been passing onto her, as well of course the blood that she continues to receive.

Miraculously, our little girl was virtually unscathed despite being with Lara at the time. She, along with our son, is in good spirits although they are both of course missing their mummy. They are two amazing, smart and well-adjusted kids, thanks mainly to their wonderful mother who has been a guiding light to them and to me. We are all looking forward to having her back up and about and can’t thank you enough for your help towards this.

The many doctors, nurses and administrative staff of the Samitivej Hospital in Bangkok have been absolute heroes and we are eternally grateful to them. Lara could not have been in better hands. Please follow their guidance over the coming days in terms of further blood donations.

Keep the good vibes coming but I’d appreciate messages via this FB group rather than personally. We have quite accidentally garnered an amazing “family spokesman” (I know he won’t be reading this but thanks again for everything Nathan) but for the moment at least he’s unpaid and try as we might neither of us have the time to respond to all the personal messages. I’ll try and give regular updates but my number one priority is of course to be there for Lara and the kids.

With much love and a million thanks.


Finally if you are a Bangkok Resident of B/O- blood. Please continue to check the official updates by Samitivej hospital here on their facebook page. They will post if they are in need of blood again for Lara.

That’s all from me on this topic. I want to thank readers and friends who have all gone to great lengths to help a person in need. Now I must get back to my more flippant content.


P.S. If you live in Bangkok and are Rh-, please donate blood regularly here:
Red Cross Blood Donation site, Bangkok

Lara Rose: Update from Family Spokesperson.

Update January 25, 12.55pm. Family has requested that all updates come from Samitivej Hospital. The hospital’s facebook page: 

My understanding is that needs are in constant flux. Also Rh – blood is very rare among Thais and there are other patients around Thailand in need of Rh- blood. If you are Rh- and reside in Thailand, please consider donating regularly.

for cordelia

I’ve been contacted by a close friend of the family, who is a physician, is working closely with Lara’s family and doctors at Samitivej , and has been the  family’s “spokeperson”.

Here is the OFFICIAL update:

Bottom lines:

> > 1. Lara still needs blood. Please keep donating. Please keep encouraging folks to donate. Both B- and O- blood can be used.

> > – It takes 24-48 hours for blood to reach Samitivej from the red cross, not everybody who shows up to donate, can donate blood. “30” people may have showed up yesterday (this is still in question) but in actuality less blood is available for Lara.

She’s using at this point around 3-5 units a day, and will continue to do so at this rate for the foreseeable future. She’s not out of the woods yet. There may even be an incident which would require more blood. I know for a fact what’s available at Samitivej right now —Saturday January 25th 9:30AM-– and it’s not enough for tomorrow. This is not a matter to “low-ball” or be conservative on. Please trust me on this.

> > 2. The Thai Red Cross will not turn eligible blood donors away.

> > 3.  Please check your blood donor eligibility/criteria here:

> > 4.  Do NOT show up at Samitivej Hospital. ALL DONATIONS must be made at the Thai Red Cross.

Thai Red Cross Society Donation Hours
Mo, Wed, Fri: 0800-1630hrs
Tu, Thu: 0730-1930hrs
Sat, Sun and Holiday: 0830-1530hrs

Tel 0-2256-4038 , 0-2256-4048
Address 1871 Terdprakiat Bld., Henry Dunant Rd., Patumwan, Bangkok 10330

Nearest BTS: Sala Daeng  / Nearest MRT: Silom

I realise tweets can be flying around and sending confusing messages. If you are confused or need clarification on any points, you can email me at or tweet @multilingualmum. I will do my best to liaise with the spokeperson and get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you and remember:


Photo pinched for a good cause.

Update on Bangkok Mother & Blood Donations

Update January 25, 12.55pm. Family has requested that all updates come from Samitivej Hospital. The hospital’s facebook page: 


Thank you everyone for your incredible support both via Facebook and twitter.  Here’s the most recent update I’ve received.

The good news so far is that 30 people showed up to donate much-needed blood and the Red Cross stopped taking donations for now.

I am told by a friend of the victim that this should last for the next 7 days. Lara will need further surgeries and more blood may be needed. It is difficult to know at this point.

An  open Facebook group  called Blood Drive for Lara has been created to take down contact information for people still willing to donate.

One other thing I learned is that in Thailand there is a maximum age for first time donors: 55. This applies even to those who have previously donated blood in other countries.

I don’t know Lara Rose personally but several of her friends and acquaintances contacted me to help and I’ve done my best to provide accurate information and will update when I hear anything new.

It’s also a wonderful time for all of us who can to consider giving blood regularly. I find this a difficult message to share since I am not allowed to donate, which is perhaps why I wanted to help the only way I could: harassing people!  I am so grateful to all the people far and wide who have jumped on board to get this message out, and a very big thanks to @RichardBarrow for the initial RT to his 47000+ followers.

thank-you via Celestine Chua

URGENT: B- and O- blood needed in Bangkok

Update January 25, 12.55pm. Family has requested that all updates come from Samitivej Hospital. The hospital’s facebook page: 


Please folks, help get this message out.

I don’t have all the details but I can tell you this:

A mother of two little girls was in a car accident and is in surgery to try and stop internal bleeding. The Thai Red Cross is desperately short on B- and O- also needed.

“If they succeed she has extensive internal damage and will need more blood over the coming days. There is enough 0 negative in the banks, but the hospital urgently requires more B negative. SO PLEASE KEEP THE BLOOD COMING OVER THE NEXT FEW DAYS IF YOU CAN. Please complete a form saying” Donate to Lara Rose at Samitivej Hospital, Suhkumvit 49 only”.
Blood can only be taken at Thai Red Cross, Henri Dunant Rd, near Chulalongkorn Hospital, nearest MRT Silom, nearest BTS Siam.
Mon, Wed and Fri : 8.00 hrs – 16.30 hrs.
Tue and Thu : 7.30 hrs. – 19.30 hrs.
Weekends and Public Holidays : 11.00 hrs. – 15.30 hrs.
Tel : 02-263-9600-99″

Please help spread the word and say a prayer for this mama.

Thank you.