Update on Bangkok Mother & Blood Donations

Update January 25, 12.55pm. Family has requested that all updates come from Samitivej Hospital. The hospital’s facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Samitivej. 


Thank you everyone for your incredible support both via Facebook and twitter.  Here’s the most recent update I’ve received.

The good news so far is that 30 people showed up to donate much-needed blood and the Red Cross stopped taking donations for now.

I am told by a friend of the victim that this should last for the next 7 days. Lara will need further surgeries and more blood may be needed. It is difficult to know at this point.

An  open Facebook group  called Blood Drive for Lara has been created to take down contact information for people still willing to donate.

One other thing I learned is that in Thailand there is a maximum age for first time donors: 55. This applies even to those who have previously donated blood in other countries.

I don’t know Lara Rose personally but several of her friends and acquaintances contacted me to help and I’ve done my best to provide accurate information and will update when I hear anything new.

It’s also a wonderful time for all of us who can to consider giving blood regularly. I find this a difficult message to share since I am not allowed to donate, which is perhaps why I wanted to help the only way I could: harassing people!  I am so grateful to all the people far and wide who have jumped on board to get this message out, and a very big thanks to @RichardBarrow for the initial RT to his 47000+ followers.

thank-you via Celestine Chua

2 thoughts on “Update on Bangkok Mother & Blood Donations

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  2. Hi,

    Please note that the we have spoken to the Thai Red Cross and they are NOT turning people away.

    We have confirmed this as of Friday afternoon. They are still taking both B- and O- blood.

    Also, although many kind people donated yesterday, and that does put blood in the “pipeline,” not all blood donated for Lara will make it to Lara for legitimate medical or other reasons. So please let us not let up just yet in the drive for more blood.

    Finally, the Thai Red Cross, on their website discussing blood donor criteria, http://english.redcross.or.th/article/1114 makes a special appeal for ALL Rh Negative blood types. Apparently the need is great and they are quite rare in Thailand, so even if Lara doesn’t need your blood, someone else does.

    Here is what they say:

    Rare blood group
    The National Blood Centre is appealing for Rh-negative blood for patients in 33 hospitals throughout the country. At present the demand for Rh-negative blood in hospitals is increasing by about 40 units/month while supply of the blood is only half of the demand. It is very rare to find Rh-negative blood group among Thai people. It is only 0.3% of the population.

    Rh-nagative blood donors, please kindly contact or come to the National Blood Centre at your convenience.

    The office hours of the Centre are as follows.

    Monday, Wednesday and Friday 0800 – 1630 hours
    Tuesday and Thursday 0730 – 1930 hours
    Saturday, Sunday & national holidays 0830 – 1530 hours
    Tel. 02 256 4300, 02 256 1637 ext 1760, 1761

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