Lara Rose: Update from Family Spokesperson.

Update January 25, 12.55pm. Family has requested that all updates come from Samitivej Hospital. The hospital’s facebook page: 

My understanding is that needs are in constant flux. Also Rh – blood is very rare among Thais and there are other patients around Thailand in need of Rh- blood. If you are Rh- and reside in Thailand, please consider donating regularly.

for cordelia

I’ve been contacted by a close friend of the family, who is a physician, is working closely with Lara’s family and doctors at Samitivej , and has been the  family’s “spokeperson”.

Here is the OFFICIAL update:

Bottom lines:

> > 1. Lara still needs blood. Please keep donating. Please keep encouraging folks to donate. Both B- and O- blood can be used.

> > – It takes 24-48 hours for blood to reach Samitivej from the red cross, not everybody who shows up to donate, can donate blood. “30” people may have showed up yesterday (this is still in question) but in actuality less blood is available for Lara.

She’s using at this point around 3-5 units a day, and will continue to do so at this rate for the foreseeable future. She’s not out of the woods yet. There may even be an incident which would require more blood. I know for a fact what’s available at Samitivej right now —Saturday January 25th 9:30AM-– and it’s not enough for tomorrow. This is not a matter to “low-ball” or be conservative on. Please trust me on this.

> > 2. The Thai Red Cross will not turn eligible blood donors away.

> > 3.  Please check your blood donor eligibility/criteria here:

> > 4.  Do NOT show up at Samitivej Hospital. ALL DONATIONS must be made at the Thai Red Cross.

Thai Red Cross Society Donation Hours
Mo, Wed, Fri: 0800-1630hrs
Tu, Thu: 0730-1930hrs
Sat, Sun and Holiday: 0830-1530hrs

Tel 0-2256-4038 , 0-2256-4048
Address 1871 Terdprakiat Bld., Henry Dunant Rd., Patumwan, Bangkok 10330

Nearest BTS: Sala Daeng  / Nearest MRT: Silom

I realise tweets can be flying around and sending confusing messages. If you are confused or need clarification on any points, you can email me at or tweet @multilingualmum. I will do my best to liaise with the spokeperson and get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you and remember:


Photo pinched for a good cause.

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