UK vs US Spelling Info-graphic

UK vs US Spelling Info-graphic by

Thank you Multilingual Living for posting this.

6 thoughts on “UK vs US Spelling Info-graphic

  1. And thank you, for re-posting it!!
    I also wanted to thank you, again, for your generous nomination of the Liebster Award. I had a lot of fun with it, including an unofficial new rule of my own, which entails letting your nominator know that you accepted the award. So, here it is, should you be interested in learning about what you asked–great questions, by the way, and thanks for your interest! Look forward to staying connected down the road…!

  2. I agree with the part about being consistent. I still find myself spelling colour occasionally while using harbor, a result of adopting the British way earlier on but then switching to the American way. Oh well ….

  3. Methinks Canadians use a blend of both British and American spelling. But yes, for spelling checker I would choose British lexicon first in my software.

    From a Canadian-born.

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