The end of the funny year Ha Ha Ha, Welcome 2556!

champers by me

I have a New Year’s Eve tradition and that’s going to bed before midnight in my time zone. I’ve already had many opportunities to ring in the year in lots of lovely exotic locations and I still get my beauty sleep -ya right- and am in working order to deal with two wee ones in the morning.

This year, due to a very bad addiction to the world’s worst and most addictive series, I am up nearly til midnight so I am taking the opportunity to wish you a peaceful new year full of joy.

And for those of you who think I’ve clearly been hitting the bottle of bubbles -if only- and have lost all track of which century we are in, I am going native and adopting the Thai calendar, which is a little sad since this year was a very funny year here!

Ha pronounced with a falling tone means the number five so this year is Song HaHaHa… ya get it?!

Still, two HAs are better than none, so I await the new year of 2556 with open arms. Bring it on!


P.S. This post has not been proofed. It’s 11.55pm here in Bangkok and I like to stick to traditions!



4 thoughts on “The end of the funny year Ha Ha Ha, Welcome 2556!

  1. Very funny post! haha! Good for you, going native! But i don’t get it, shouldn’t there be two hahas instead of three? How is Thai learning going?

  2. oh, of course, I get it now! 2556 is good too, with two HAs and number six is a lucky number, according to Chinese tradition/superstition. There you have it, funny and lucky at the same time! Looking forward to reading more of your wonderful posts!

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