Quick Post: We Will Take a Plane to Monday!

My eldest daughter P loves to fly. (Would’ve fooled me). Still, she is always asking to take a plane. Seriously again and again and again. It gets annoying, mostly because I want to respond:

Yes well if we had more money we would take planes a lot! But we don’t so please stop reminding me.

But I am currently able to refrain from drinking during the day so instead I calmly answer:

Bientot Cherie, bientot on prendra l’avion. Je te le promets.

This means “Soon Darling, soon we will take a plane. I promise”. This borders dangerously on promises I might not be able to keep but I guess I like living on the edge.

I tried changing the conversation by asking her to where we should fly. I expected to hear something along the lines to Yaya’s or to Michel’s château. Instead she responds:

We will take a plane to Monday!

Uhm… Ok. I was stumped there for a second. I quickly realized that I wasn’t able to explain why that wasn’t possible in French or English. So you know what they say: “If you can’t beat them, join them!”

Sweetie, Papa would rather take a plane to Friday.

4 thoughts on “Quick Post: We Will Take a Plane to Monday!

  1. I love the way kids this age talk about time. My daughter is always talking about “last night” (i.e. any time in the past) or “on Friday” (when anything fun will happen) :-) I guess I should play that Rebecca Black song for her.

    • Yes sometimes I wish I could adopt their take on time. The world for Pea is split into sundays and school days and fun things are always happening last night or tomorrow after the sun comes up even if they are a week away. Oh and do share the Rebecca Black song with me too!

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