Bangkok’s Emporium: Pooping on the Spirit of Christmas and Charity

I seldom blog in anger. Well ok that’s not entirely true but if I do, it’s published on BluntMoms and is reviewed by the most awesome editor ever.

Emporium Bangkok: Killing the Spirit of Christmas and Charity

Tonight however I am so disgusted that I am putting all sensible thinking aside and posting a rant at 11pm at night, when I am exhausted and behind on many other writing commitments including my Monday Musings post.  And yes we are nearly Thursday.

There will be typos of all sorts but tonight I don’t care.

A wonderful small children’s theater group called Curtain Up Drama decided to organize a Christmas Caroling event to raise funds for the victims of Typhoon Haiyan which struck the Philippines last month. It was the biggest storm ever recorded and has left innumerable people devastated.

Curtain Up Drama Charity Caroling for Haiyan Victims

They reached out to Emporium to get the OK to sing out front and the Shopping Mall, much to their surprise, said they could perform indoors. There were some caveats: the song list needed to be approved and the mall asked that we wear long trousers and skirts and no sandals. (Even though if you wear these to go in and shop at Louis Vuitton, they are quite happy about it).

It was all good: Song list approved, flyers made, email sent out with dress code.

A dedicated group of us showed up with children, many of which were sporting christmas hats, white dresses with wings, etc. We had some excellent choir singers among us. The rest of us (like me) put in a lot of heart and an acceptable number of false notes.

About halfway through the event, they came down and asked us to leave. The ‘official reason’ was that we weren’t in choir uniform as promised. This is absurd given that at no point was this agreed as is obvious by the fact they were telling us what not to wear.

In truth, Emporium decided that we didn’t look ‘posh’ enough for their tastes and in the true spirit of christmas, decided to hell with the victims of Haiyan, let’s make sure we don’t offend a potential Chanel client.

Well here’s what Coco Chanel had to say about people like you:

Coco Chanel Quote: I don't care what you think about me. I don't think about you at all.

Emporium: You are the Christmas Grinch. You are everything that is wrong with the world. You care only about image, not about heart. I will never shop at your store again. (I may just use the loo if I am passing by. After all, I have kids under the ages of 6 so that’s all you’ll get from us). I can only hope others join me in a boycott of your store. (Ok, I realize I am thinking about them since I am writing this post but I’ll be terminating this affair once I’ve adequately shared this message)

Dear readers, I don’t often beg that you share and tweet my posts but today I am setting standards aside and pleading with you to help me get this message out.