M Is For Music, Miscellaneous, and Mondays!

I’ve decided that for the month of December I will try to blog much more often. I’ve been told having thematic days helps the brain focus content so here’s what I’ve come up with:

Mondays will be Musical Mondays. Since it is December, I am opting for Christmas-themed music -Falalalala! Pretty original I know. I had hoped to persuade people to send me their favorite kids’ tunes but I’ve come up a little short so I may have to use some grown up favs as fillers. I am also open to suggestions!

And since it’s December and I feel like ’tis the month to slack off, my children will be mostly playing. I will be mostly ignoring my homeschooling duties. They already set the tone today by totally ignoring me and kicking me out of various rooms while they set up elaborate play scenarios.

Homeschool refusal. Girls free play time.

So with more time on my hands,  I am shunning productivity in order to bombard you with lots of miscellaneous stuff on Mondays…or any other day of the week I so choose.

1. Awesome Acts of Kindness Calendar

I just discovered this lovely calendar; see their terribly smart badge on the left hand side.

I’ve done December 1&2 today. Plenty of time to catch up so pls join and spread the word! (Preferably via my blog post as it’s Christmas and I’d love some new followers. I promise I’ve kept the naughty to a minimum.)

And in an extra act of kindness today, here are links to all the songs. I believe blogs are penalized for too many outbound links but hey, it’s Christmas and I am in the mood for some giving!

2. My kids’ favorite Christmas songs this week

Monday: The Peanuts Classic Christmas Tune. This is mommy pushing her own likes . No one is perfect.

Tuesday: You are a mean one Mr. Grinch. Seriously, they flip out when they hear it.

Wednesday: Disney Princesses 12 Days of Christmas – what happens when you leave your children alone with an iPad. They fight to have their cheek touch the princess image. #smh

Thursday: The girls make me sing Jingle Bells relentlessly. I usually pull up this version  with Andrea Bocelli and the Muppets. I find it fun to change tempo with the girls and who doesn’t want to watch Animal sing!  Thanks Fozzy, I too wonder what on earth bob-tails are.

Friday: Petit Papa Noël. This is a favorite in our household. Failing to find our lovely version but here’s a nice clip where you can follow the lyrics.

Saturday: The all time favorite: Santa Claus is Coming to Town. This isn’t their favorite version, but it will be when I am done with them. (oh and he  parler francais a bit here too!)

Bruce Springsteen Christmas

Sundays: Silent Sundays, because we all need a break from Merrys and Happys and Joy.

Tune in tomorrow for “How Halloween saved my Christmas” and a very late submission for a lovely series on Neighborhoods around the world.


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