Sharing the Love – MultiCultural Parenting

On the back of my ‘Christmas come early’ experience yesterday of getting Freshly Pressed, I wanted to share a link with everyone who subscribed or may visit again (please please pretty please).


I figured anyone with any interest in multilingual parenting will likely also be interested in multicultural parenting. In Culture Parent is really a wonderful new online magazine on the subject. I was lucky enough to discover it when the editor came across my blog. They have a host of amazing contributors with articles from around the world. Truly a gem so check it out & share the love with anyone out there who might be interested. In the spirit of full disclosure, I am now blogging for them a couple of times a month under “A is for Manzana“, which of course I hope you will check out too.


(ok I am guessing that people would say I am crazy to send new subscribers who have only just started reading my blog off to another site but I can’t help but share things I love)

2 thoughts on “Sharing the Love – MultiCultural Parenting

  1. Congrats for being freshly pressed, that’s how I found you as well! Love your articles and the theme of your blog. I’m not there yet, at the stage of motherhood, but when I’ll be, it will surely be a multilingual affair. Looking forward to reading more of you here and in InCulture Parent.

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