QuickPost #1: Interesting read on bilingual babies

Here is an article in the New York Times on how bi/multilingual babies’ cognitive development differs from monolingual kids. I find the concept of “neural commitment” really interesting.


5 thoughts on “QuickPost #1: Interesting read on bilingual babies

  1. Thanks for the comments! I’ve been thinking about this article since I posted it and wondering whether the openness stays for all languages or at what point the baby/toddler gets clued into what s/he hears most and shuts out other languages. My second girl is 13 months and I wonder if at this point she only detects differences in Spanish, French, English and possibly LLonggo and Tagalog or whether being more open to these languages keeps her interested in others she nears less often or even not at all. Must now track down specialist friend and see if she can shed some insight!

  2. When we were younger, there are home video tapes of me and my brother spouting out in superb Laotian! It was amazing!

    Now, I struggle with saying common phrases to community elders when I visit home. :( I say Lao words in conjunction with English to our 7-month-old and my husband (Caucasian born and raised in the still-discriminate South of the U.S.) will repeat what I say so he hears it both from Mama and Daddy. Let me tell ya, it’s hard when I live away from my family where it’s spoken regularly and I live in an area with little to no diversity.

    I’m glad this article is out there! Makes me feel better for trying so dang hard. ;)

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