Quote of the day

I have this post I am working on that was supposed to be a quick post and is turning into a bit of a monster along with other drafts waiting to be finished -such is the plight of a mother.

So in the mean time, I want to capture some of the fun things coming out of Pea’s mouth. The other morning she was heard saying behind her bedroom door, having opened it and seen no one in the living room:

“Mama asleep, Papa asleep, Cherry asleep, baby asleep and I have poopoo in my diaper”

Two things struck me upon hearing this

  1. Wouldn’t it be nice if she had said that in French instead of English?
  2. Wow – she shared the fact that she had Poop in her diaper. This makes a nice change from her total denial of poop even when a serious stink is coming from her.

I am choosing not to obsess about the first and rejoice at the second as I am starting to worry at how comfortable she appears to be sitting in her own shit. <sigh>  You have to learn to embrace the little things.

One thought on “Quote of the day

  1. Hahaha, this is too funny! :)
    First of all – I think it’s such a cute and clever sentence!
    And yes, I can totally relate — it definitely would have been my first thought as well: Why didn’t she say this in (in my case) – German?! Well Coco, I hope it helps, you’re not the only mom with language related OCB issues :))

    You know, these days I’m kind of coming to terms a bit with what the reality might be like with our multi language children. The truth may be that P would never say something like this in French, simply because French won’t be the first impulse or ‘universal’ language for her, as that is clearly going to be English. But French may become a sweet and intimate ritual between you and her, it could be P’s Mama language .. a beautiful bond, a world of its own. Somehow, I find that thought quite comforting and it soothes me in times when I panic .. (like, will my daughter ever read and write in German etc., help!)

    By the way, how does P address her little sister?!

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