About me 2

Yes well things change. So Pacifique is now nearly four. Claude is about to hit the 18 month mark and we have moved again – this time to Bangkok.

And so the lingual journey continues…. Hello Tones, I don’t think we’ve met before. I’ll admit, I am a little intimidated.

7 thoughts on “About me 2

    • Pacifique did but I didn’t. I really wasn’t there long enough if you factor in having a baby and PPD. Then once I knew we were transferring to BKK and I wouldn’t have a chance to practice, I decided to just wait to start Thai and focus on improving my Spanish and French.

  1. Sawasdee ka :) I have to say I am amazed at all the blogs out there nowadays that address multilingualism. Before we had our son and while I was pregnant (our son will turn 3 in August) I kind of tried to google things but wasn’t too successful in finding many good sources. Most sources were about bilingual environments. So I gave up googling, but did not give up raising our son in a trilingual home – English, German and Thai. It’s very exciting for me to find and read blogs like yours, so I will definitely be back :) I hope you’re enjoying Bangkok – it’s my hometown, the city I was born and where most of my family lives. I miss it dearly and hope you will have a great time there!
    Many greetings from Florida,

    • Sawasdee Phanit!
      How lovely to receive your email this morning in Bangkok. And yes I am enjoying this city, I feel very at home here despite my limited Thai. I was in the same boat as you, struggling to find any information and my first daughter was very late to speak. Now as you can see there are a ton of resources out there. It is a very exciting time to be raising a multilingual family.

      Funny that I am in the city where your family is and my parents just moved to Florida where you are. It is such a small world. Good luck with everything and I look forward to checking out your blog. Best, Cordelia

  2. Hello Cordelia,

    Congrats on raising your kids with French, Spanish and English. Being French myself and my wife Spanish, we are trying to do the same with our kids in the US. We are learning Chinese as a family. Do you have any recommendation for good mandarin resources to help French-speaking children learn Chinese?

    Merci, Franck

    • Hi Franck,
      Sorry for the huge delay in replying. We’ve had a merry-go-round of illness involving parents and kids as well as moving house. Here is what some other multi lingual and cultural parents recommended:

      2 Parents recommended Little Pim.
      “Mandarin one here: http://www.biculturalmama.com/2011/11/immersion-language-learning-for-ages-0.html All the other DVDs/CDs we have that teach Mandarin are English/Mandarin so they wouldn’t work for you…immersion method would then be the best.
      Immersion Language Learning for Ages 0-5 from Little Pim

      Someone else suggested Rosetta Stone.

      I’ll definitely keep my eyes open and ping you if anything else comes up!

    • Another website someone recommended:
      “http://word2word.com it offers a range of free online courses for many languages. As a French and Spanish speaker the pronuncia…”
      Word2Word Language Resources
      Breaking the barriers of language through learning. Dictionaries, language courses,language chat, automatic translation…

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